Beating Chronic Stress Can be Fun, Easy and Creative: Here’s How


Chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation, which leads to almost any disease you can think of including adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is usually not recognized or even considered in mainstream medicine.

The constant production and buildup of the “fight or flight” hormone cortisol leads to adrenal fatigue or burnout.

The resulting hormone imbalance also creates inflammation. When it becomes chronic, serious, sometimes fatal diseases are produced.

Easy quick fixes that are usually temporary

One tip for increasing production during a California real estate seminar for continuing study credit was to back off and forget it all for awhile by seeing a movie or going on a hike or accessing an immediate, desired diversion.

He cited the diminishing return standard for increasing production. If your efforts are spinning and aren’t producing anything but frustration and stress, take a little time off immediately. Of course overdoing this remedy will be counter-productive.

Most other stress reducing advice comes up with the same concept regardless of how different they appear: Go on a vacation, take a walk in nature, swim in salt water, go to a concert, or get together with good friends are among the list of similar temporary solutions for stress.

A few longer lasting solutions

Laughter is another commonly recommended stress remedy. If you have and enjoy any sense of humor, indulge and develop it more. Enjoy good comedies or stories often and laugh it up.

Learn to see the funny side of things in your life no matter how tense or grim they appear to be.

Gardening is relaxing and nourishing for many, and it may come in handy some day if there is a food crisis.

A commonly advised tip that can help you stop stressing is serving the community or others, even animals, without expecting something in return. The key is not expecting. This qualifies as “selfless service” and is considered a spiritual practice in several cultures.

Serving others for community recognition and pride will not serve to put your consciousness in a state beyond the grasp of stress. The spiritual and emotional rewards come from within naturally if your thrust is giving and not receiving.

One giving endeavor that helps create a better world is spending more quality time with your children or even home schooling them.

Advice often forgotten or ignored is one that’s been around for decades: Find a hobby within an activity you thoroughly enjoy. Regardless of job stress, you’ll have something to look forward to that arouses your strong interest and may be different than your job.

Many professionals and academic types, even those in the creative arts, engage in activities completely different from their professional life. Often those activities are more physically demanding than their work-a-day activities.

Amateur sports, rock climbing, cycling, dirt bike racing, boating, hang-gliding or sky-diving are a few commonly chosen activities.

Conversely, one whose occupation involves manual labor may find it stimulating and uplifting to engage in an intellectual or artistic endeavor, such as reading fine classical literature or learning piano.

Not everyone has the time, energy, or resources for a serious hobby. But most can incorporate yoga and/or meditation into their lives. A little instruction can go a long way if you imbibe what’s taught and practice daily on your own.

You don’t need a gym for yoga exercises. And the session-ending “corpse pose” (savasana) practiced diligently is a deeply relaxing and stress relieving mini-treat. It can resonate deeply to foster equanimity under trying circumstances (

The same is true for meditation. Both yoga and meditation require very little space and don’t require special equipment or conditions, but they need to be practiced daily. Once one gets into it, the practice’s calming effects become something to look forward to.


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