Tricks for all the Condiment Flavor Minus the Calories

We all have our favorite dips, condiments and dressings. Unfortunately, it can take an otherwise healthy meal or snack and load it down with fat and calories. What’s the point of a yummy, healthy salad or a platter of your favorite veggies if you cover it in fat-laden ranch? Why bother paying a little more for healthy meats for sandwiches if it just gets weighed down with mayo? Why ruin a perfect, nutritious bowl of chili with the calories that come with sour cream? You know you drown your chili with it!…. 🙂

chiliRanch Dressing: When you can’t resist the taste of ranch (my favorite!), try this instead. Put some ranch into a spray bottle. Yep, you heard me. Add a little water to water it down and spritz your salad or veggies or whatever. It works!

Mayo: Can’t stand the thought of your lunch sandwich with no mayo? I hear ya. Use mustard instead, it isn’t as bad for you. If you like the creamier taste of mayo, then mix some mustard with plain, non-fat greek yogurt.

Sour Cream: Again, opt for non-fat greek yogurt. Give it a little more oomph by shredding some fresh, low fat cheese on top of it, too.



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